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CEO and Visionary Power


Your questions that were emailed into me have been amazing! Here are some of the questions I’ll be answering: what are my thoughts on keto? Do I believe in intermittent fasting? How do I stay motivated? I will explain what “motivational Viagra“ is. Should I eat before my work out? Should I eat after my work out? How much protein do I need? Do I believe in the vegan diet? How to land a magazine cover? How to land an editorial multi page spread in major magazines? How to gain priceless key media exposure? How to dissect yourself from the pact? How to publish your book in less than three months? How to decide on what fitness Federation to compete in? Should you compete in bikini or fitness or figure? What is the best way to lose fat? If I lift weights, will I get bigger muscles? Should I do cardio first? What’s the difference between weight machines and free weights?‘s how do I get a flat stomach fast? Do I need to take supplements? If so what kind of supplement should I take? Why are my muscles sore after workout? How do I get rid of my flabby arms? How often should I work out? Plus so much more! Really excited to do this live with all of you! See you on my main page IG page at @jennifernicolelee

Smile, Jennifer Nicole Lee

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