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Common Excuses for Not Working Out in the Winter

As most of the nation begins to break out their winter gear (coats, mittens, scarves, what have you), the amount of time spent focusing on fitness seems to dwindle. There is a part of us that goes into hibernation mode when the cold sets in, spending more time on the couch with junk food and hot chocolate. While we highly encourage you to designate certain days for lounging, we don’t want you to give up reaching for your fitness goals! As your online health and fitness coach, JNL wants to remind you that your well-being shouldn’t only be reserved for the summer, but year-round!

It’s easy to make up excuses, and we’ve heard them all, so in this post, we’ll be highlighting some of the most popular reasons why people give up on their workouts during the colder months and provide you with some solutions to keep you focused on your health. If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for the JNL Gym now where you’ll have access to hundreds of workout videos and information to help you lose unwanted weight and stay in shape!

“I have no time to workout!”

We understand that, while great, the holiday season eats up a lot of your free time. From getting costumes ready for Halloween, getting together with the family for Thanksgiving, and, of course, shopping for Christmas presents, your time is limited. But that doesn’t mean that your health and fitness should be ignored. We’re not saying to get a full workout in instead of spending time with your loved ones, but just make sure that you designate even a little bit of time for working out. Even 20 minutes a day is extremely beneficial! You can even break it up! Spend 10 minutes doing a simple exercise before your morning shower and another 10 before you go to bed! Easy!

“I’ll start again after New Years!”

Don’t even let this thought creep into your mind! So many people decide to push off their workout routines, thinking it will be easy to pick back up in January but will find themselves less motivated and have more difficulty working out than if they were to have just stuck with their exercises. If you stay on pace, you’ll be even more prepared and ready when summer is around the corner and you have to get bathing suit ready again!

“It’s too cold to workout”

Whether you don’t want to risk driving to the gym on icy roads, or your blanket just feels too darn good, it’s easy to blame the frigid temperatures for your lack of motivation to workout. Don’t let it get to you! One of the main benefits of JNL Gym is that you have nearly unlimited options of workout videos hosted by Jennifer Nicole Lee herself! No matter how cold it is outside, you have the ability to work out right in the comfort of your own, warm home! Why not treat your body right 365 days of the year! No excuses! Find an online package or subscription that works for you now!