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CEO and Visionary Power


Jennifer Nicole Lee is the CEO and visionary powerhouse behind JNL Worldwide, Inc.


Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Current Credentials & Certifications

Certified Life Coach with American Council of Exercise, ACE
Certified Personal Trainer with American Council of Exercise, ACE
Certified Master Trainer with American Council of Exercise, ACE
Certified Specialist with Nutrition with American Council of Exercise, ACE
Certified Group Fitness Instructor with American Council of Exercise, ACE
Certified Life Coach with ISSA, International Sports Sciences Association
Certified Personal Trainer with ISSA, International Sports Sciences Association
Certified Master Trainer with ISSA, International Sports Sciences Association
Certified Specialist with Nutrition with ISSA, International Sports Sciences Association
Certified Group Fitness Instructor with ISSA, International Sports Sciences Association
Certified Life Coach with Tony Robbins Institute

Due to her wildly successful globally broadcasted and marketed fitness and wellness products, books, digital products, e-commerce, and merchandise, she is internationally recognized in over 110 different countries.

In short, “JNL” is an extremely successful global mega-brand. Ms. Lee is an international celebrity, a bestselling author,  spokes model, power pitch woman being the name/face/and body of all of her lifestyle brands, wellness products, exercise equipment, DVDs, home, bath, bedding, spa, and electronic downloads, and websites.

She is a philanthropist contributing to many different organizations and endeavors to empower women across the globe through her conferences and speaking engagements on how to brand and market yourself. However, and most importantly, she is a devoted mother, representing the millions of other mom’s and women in the world with a brand they can trust.


Jennifer is one of the world’s most accomplished Super Fitness Models, and is an international celebrity due to her high profile wellness merchandise and key media appearances

 Jennifer’s career as a top fitness expert and icon began when she lost over 80 pounds after the birth of her children. Her motivational weight loss success story caught the world’s attention, after she gained columns of accolades as a professional fitness competitor, holding countless titles and crowns.

She gained international notoriety, due to her incredible transformation, and was soon a frequent guest on major national talk shows, such as The Oprah Winfrey Oprah, E! Entertainment, Fox and Friends, Extra, The Secret Lives of Women, and highlighted as the top ultimate “pitchwoman” and presenter on Discovery’s “Pitchmen” show, showcasing her captivating and strong TV sales power.

Jennifer’s international notoriety for these skills also has put her into acting as seen Michael Bay’s Film Pain and Gain and 6 new full-length commercials and counting.

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Mrs. Lee’s passion for business innovation has allowed her to blend lifestyle products and services into the digital realm.

Coined as the “Steve Jobs of the fitness industry” she has harnessed the unlimited marketing and sales potential of the internet, creating a plethora of e-commerce sites, and .com’s that rake in a hefty residual income via the world wide web.

She has recently undertaken the task of rebranding her empire with a strong presence through social media and the launch of her new rebranded YouTube Channel. She is a bestselling author of 15 books on diet, nutrition, exercise, overall life enhancement and a contributor to many magazines and eBooks such as Oxygen, Fitness Rx, and, and In Touch Celebrity News Magazine. She has appeared on 90 magazine covers, with her 91’st one coming soon with Socialite Luxury Magazine.

She also runs an International consultation firm, having coached thousands of women from around the world, and has hosted weekend fitness retreats drawing women from all over the globe to simply meet her and hear her speak. Jennifer is also a powerful marketing expert, appearing in numerous globally broadcast infomercials for her signature products including the Ab Circle Pro, Mini Circle, and Chest Magic, and on top shopping networks, such as QVC and The Home Shopping Network.

To date, her company has a major lifestyle product soon to be rolling out “Jolt Of JNL” with key television media spots secured for advertising. Jennifer is the driving force behind the unprecedented success and future potential of JNL Worldwide. JNL Worldwide, Inc. is known for collaborative projects with various companies and individuals via sponsor text

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