5 Workout Moves that Get you Ready for Black Friday

Roughly days from now, Black Friday will be seeing you racing through the different retail shops of your favorite department store, not minding the muscle twitching and the hint of a pinched nerve up your spine, nor the weight of the ten or so shopping bags dangling on your arms. You will want to rest but you have been waiting for this event all year long. You know you have prepared for it so you had better suck it up and stick to the plan.

It is that time of the year again when you will be mustering all the strength that you need in order to rummage through all the retail stores that will offer you the best bargains for everything that you desire. There will be sore muscles, labored breathing, pent up emotions, and palpitations. If you can prepare yourself both physically and mentally for that great extravaganza, then all will be well.

Here are five workout moves that are sure to keep you going when the first retail shops open to signal the start of the famed Black Friday.

Agility Ladder

When the retail stores open on the shopping day madness following Thanksgiving, you need to be as agile as you can be to rapidly change direction without losing your balance. Agility ladders will prepare you to employ great footwork and balanced coordination to see you speeding through those gates well ahead of the others. Try to run through an agility ladder twice or even four times.

Bear Crawls

Black Friday madness will require you to carry as many shopping bags and boxes as you can. Unless you can carry them on your legs, you will be using your arms which will require a good set of upper arm muscle strength as well as the overall strength of the torso. Doing bear crawls will significantly strengthen your triceps, shoulder, and chest muscles while at the same time developing their endurance. Perform 20-25 stationary bear crawls.

Box Jumps

Need lightning-fast muscle reactions? Box jumps are the answer. These are designed to rapidly contract your core muscles as well as the muscles of the legs to allow you to jump as high and as fast as you can to reach for that last item on sale at the top of the shelf. More importantly, box jumps will prepare you for landing safely. Perform 10-15 box jumps.

Tuck Jumps

For maximum power and agility, tuck jumps will be great for toning and strengthening the entire body. When Black Friday comes, you will be more than ready to do all those rummaging, running, jostling, and carrying the things that you will be buying. For best results, perform 20-25 tuck jumps.

Suicide Runs

Despite its name, running suicides is great for cardiovascular endurance, speed, agility, and the ability to accelerate at explosive starts – excellent for dashing through the partially opened doors of your favorite retail shop. Running the suicide simply means you have to run to and from a certain starting off point towards a designated target line which grows progressively farther from the starting line. Perform 5-6 sets of suicide runs. Including these five workouts in your daily exercise regimen will more than adequately prepare you for the physically demanding and emotionally draining Black Friday shopping extravaganza.

I hope you found this article helpful to prep you for Black Friday! Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips to share with me and the rest of the fitness community.


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