Why Fat Loss Pills Are Dangerous

Fat loss pills can kill you. This is not an exaggeration. Today the market is filled with pills claiming that you can lose weight instantly. Experts warn against the use of these pills since it can cause a dramatic loss of weight of up to twenty pounds a week. Ideally, a person on a diet loses one to two pounds per week. This is the healthy route. However, fat loss pills quicken the process enabling users to shed five or more pounds per week. This is highly dangerous as it can have a negative impact on your physical body.

The main danger are the ingredients found in these pills which is often marketed as herbal or all-natural. For example, some pills contain phenolphthalein which can cause cancer because of its carcinogenic properties. Sibutramine or Meridia was also studied to increase the risk of heart attack and stroke according to a recent study.

Clenbuterol or “Clen” is known to increase muscle mass and often taken by athletes. However, its absorption can lead to heart muscle damage wherein there is even no scientific evidence of its efficacy on human weight loss. Other weight loss pills include Librium and Prozac, which can affect your moods. Fenproporex is also a stimulant that increases hypersensitivity. Significantly, more manufacturers are adding ingredients that can affect one’s mood. For example, antidepressants such as bupropion has already been approved and found in some diet drugs. The danger is the possible damage to your cardiovascular system especially spiking up your heart rate. The stimulants lead to an instant heart attack especially if one is overdosing on the pills.

While fat loss is a worthy goal, the possible side effects of weight loss pills are not worth it. The way weight loss pills work is to burn the fat on the inside. It adds heat to the body to unnaturally increase your metabolism. You may be resting but your body is accelerating its fat burning functions. This heightens the pressure on the heart, which can lead to poor blood circulation. Furthermore, with drugs that affect your mood another harmful side effect is the possibility of developing insomnia or irregular sleep patterns. This is strongly related to your heart function since your heart is beating at a faster rate, it can be hard to fall asleep. Other weight loss pills contain caffeine which can elevate your adrenalin making you sleep less and feel fatigued. Significantly, this all leads to a weakened immune system wherein users have been found to have fevers and the flu more frequently.

The effect on the nerves should also not be discounted. With ingredients that affect one’s emotional state, a possible side effect is developing anxiety. Your personality might change to become more nervous or aggressive. You may swing into mania causing you to be at a frenzy and then sink down into depression. This can lead to eventual self-harm without a control over your emotions.

As such, fat loss is still best achieved with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Do not be lured by the promise of a quick fix. Fat loss pills are dangerous and one should be fully aware of the risks involved.


I hope you found this article helpful! Please comment below and tell me what has been your experience with fat loss pills or what you think about them.
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