5 Tricks to Improve Cellulite

Women should know how to improve cellulite appearance in their body. Around 9 out of every 10 women have some amount of cellulite anywhere in their body, which varies in how it appears from the outside. The more cellulite you have, for example in your legs, the more it looks ugly. That is why many feel embarrassed when people see it. Thus, they don’t wear clothes that may reveal their body parts that have cellulite. To get rid of them, below are five tips you can consider to free yourself of the embarrassment of uneven, bumpy skin.

Regular exercise

Following a regular workout will surely make you healthy and fit. When you sweat, toxins are flush out of your skin. This decreases the bumpy appearance of cellulite. A 4 to 4 workout schedule weekly will significantly improve the tone of your body. As a result, your body is tightened and lengthened that makes the bumpy cellulite look flat and unnoticeable. If you seriously do workouts weekly, you won’t have to worry about bumpy parts in your body. Exercise is definitely one great way on how to improve cellulite ugly appearance.

Massage and skin brushing

Long hours of sitting, standing or anything you do will have an impact on how our muscles and fats shape. Sitting daily for several hours, for example, loosens the tightness of your skin and body in general. This makes cellulite to freely appear in the shape that is undesirable for the individual. Aside from exercise, massage is also one effective way to flatten or even out the fat deposits under your skin.

Then, you may ask how to improve cellulite through skin brushing. The dry bristles of a brush can successfully target body areas with fat deposits. Brushing the affected body parts in a circular motion regularly will break the cellulite down. At least it will change its shape from round to flat.

Cayenne pepper and lemon juice

Aside from addressing the condition from the outside, you also need to follow a healthy diet, particularly a program that can detoxify your body. One way to do this is through inclusion of cayenne pepper and lemon juice in your diet. One amazing and effective recipe is a cocktail made with cayenne pepper and lemon juice. Drink this three times a day, and you’ll see the results after a few days.

Juniper and olive oils

How to improve cellulite using oils? It’s simple. When you indulge yourself to regular massage, it would be more effective if you use juniper and olive oils. Combine two tablespoon of olive oil and one drop of juniper oil. Apply this when you massage the target area.

Limit application of skin thinning creams

When your skin becomes thinner, bulges and bumps such as fat deposits become more obvious. Thus, it is common sense that limiting your use of creams that thin the skin is the solution. Add to that the aging effect of thinning products, which you surely don’t like. These are tips that you would only determine if effective or not when you actually do it. These five tips should be enough to answer your questions like how to improve cellulite ugly appearance in your body.


I hope this article was informative for you. Please comment below and tell me what has been your experience with stubborn cellulite and what home remedies you to do help with cellulite.
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