Top 10 Pick-Up Lines a Beauty Can Use to Attract her Beast

The dating scene has definitely moved to places that you least expect it such that even venerable fitness centers have become the source of truly one-of-a-kind gym pick up lines. While the dating scene is still pretty much dominated by the testosterone wielding members of society, more and more vixens as well as cougars are ditching the bar scene in favor of the gym.

And why not? It is believed that the gym is a place where more serious people go, particularly those who are generally concerned about their health, fitness, and general well-being. This alone is enough impetus for girls to find a very virile member of the opposite sex.

The Subtle Ones

As ladies tend to be a bit more inhibited in their approach to picking up guys, they usually employ more subtle methods in trying to hook up. As such, these subtle gym pick up lines work best when all you want is to get noticed by the guy that has all the tight muscles and the great body physique that can make you salivate without necessarily expecting to get laid that same night.

1. Can you spare me a few precious moments to show me how to use this machine?

2. Can you close this bracelet for me?

3. I do not normally do this but I just got tired of waiting for the chance for you to talk to me.

The Slightly More Forward Ones

For the more adventurous ones but still are quite reserved to go full blast, offering some hints at sexual insinuations. The receiver will have to decipher it. If he can correctly interpret what you are saying, then great. If not, move on to the next fish in the pond.

4. Do you lift? I was hoping you could pick me up.

5. Do you do contact sports or body combat? I think your body is some kick-ass.

 The Definite Go-Getters

The following gym pick-up lines are often used by the more liberal-minded ladies in the pack. They are more than ready to be swept off their feet right there and then. These individuals are so carefree they won’t really mind if they get laid that same instant. That is how straightforward these pickup lines are.

6. Do you know of any particular work out that is effective in reducing breast size? I am just a bit concerned mine are just way too big (pointing to your breasts).

7. I always hear people talking about how the missionary position is an excellent work out for men. Is this true?

8. Is that a barbell in your pants or are you simply happy to see me?

9. Is this stain on my bra top not obvious? (points to your breast)

10. You do not have to work out in the gym. You only need to work out in bed with me.

The gym may be the last thing that you can think of for a quickie. But if all that adrenaline and testosterone pumping iron in the gym don’t get you heated up, you can always try to start off with the more subtle gym pick-up lines.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments what other pick-up lines you use to attract your beast.


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