How to Deal with Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Let’s all be honest: one of the scariest things about learning that you are with child is the possibility of having stretch marks during pregnancy. It’s not a completely unfortunate event – getting ‘scarred’ because of this life event for years or even forever. But having these marks does lower one’s confidence and depress the spirits.

The Occurrence of Stretch Marks

According to medical experts, the occurrence of this skin imperfection is due to the over distention of the skin when the belly (and the rest of the body) expands during the nine months of pregnancy and the sudden relaxation of the overstretch skin after giving birth.

Oddly enough, there are a very few women who are so lucky not to have these stretch marks during pregnancy. But most, sadly, get it. It is believed that genes, primarily, have something to do with this. Then again, there are people who really believe that a large dose of prevention can help to prevent its occurrence.

So below are some of the most effective ways to minimize the chance of acquiring these skin flaws, straight from the mouths of women who have actually tried it and succeeded!

Skin-Nourishing Diet

You are required to eat a well-balanced diet during pregnancy for the sake of your growing baby. Your bun in the oven should get all the vitamin and nutrients he or she needs. But you can always incorporate foods which are not just good for the baby but also good for you.

Go high on Vitamin A (bell peppers, carrots, mangoes) and Omega 3 and 6 (fish oil, eggs, oysters) because these are nutrients which can prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Strawberries, spinach and blueberries are packed with antioxidants for skin protection and nourishment. Collard greens, avocados and broccoli are rich in Vitamin E, protecting skin membranes from easy breakage.

Do Proper Exercises

Pregnancy does not mean the end of activities like exercises. You are not, of course, allowed to do rigorous routines as that could harm you and your baby.

However, there are several which are perfect for women in this condition such as yoga and certain Pilates sequences. These are said to be a great help in averting stretch marks during pregnancy.

Another culprit in the appearance of stretch marks is weight gain. Continuous low impact exercises (and good diet, of course) will definitely keep your weight in the right levels. Ultimately, you wouldn’t have to worry about your skin stretching over the limit.

Increase Fluid Intake

Eight glasses a day (about 250ml per glass) is required for everyone. But you could increase your fluid intake to ten or twelve glasses a day to ensure that you skin is well-detoxified and the skin cells plump and healthy.

While having stretch marks during pregnancy is a sign that you have been through one of the bravest and the most beautiful chapters in a woman’s life, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting it gone so we do hope you try all those mentioned above and we wish you good luck!

I hope this article was informative for you! Please comment below and tell me how you dealt with stretch marks during your pregnancy.
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