Get Rid of Your Cellulite

Many women ask how to eliminate cellulite. First, it is important to answer what causes cellulite. Poor diet, slow metabolism and hormone changes are some of the culprits to cellulite. It is also more common in women than in men. It also affects thin people, which means you can have cellulite even if you are not overweight. Cellulite often appears in the arms, legs and stomach area. It is not a medical condition but normal fat depositing underneath the skin. This makes the skin bumpy as the fat pushes against skin tissues.

How to eliminate cellulite is a mixture of diet, exercise and treatments.

Removing cellulite doesn’t mean you should stop eating. In fact, you should adopt a healthy eating and snacking schedule. This will help you keep an ideal weight and act as a preventive measure against cellulite. Choose whole grain rather than white flour foods. Studies show it reduces the chances of accumulating belly fat, which means less cellulite. However, it is important to not ban fat altogether. Some fats can be good for you such as avocado, olive oil, nuts and seeds. Your diet should also consist of foods with flavor like red pepper, paprika and chili powder, which contain capsaicin that helps you eat less. It is also essential to increase your vegetable intake. You can also try going vegetarian even for once a week. This will help keep your weight in check.

However, you may already be on a diet and still wondering how to eliminate cellulite.

The right exercise plan can reduce your cellulite and make your skin look smoother and firmer. This is especially true in the lower body wherein you work your body muscles from every angle. In this way, exercise reduces the underlying fat and replacing it with lean muscle. Some examples of exercises you can do are squats and leg lifting. You can use ankle weights and dumbbells to add that extra oomph to your workout.

There are also many types of treatment out there that answers your burning question of how to eliminate cellulite.

Firming creams for example contain caffeine and hyaluronic acid which can reduce the appearance of cellulite for eight hours. With continued use, it can decrease the appearance of skin fatty bumps. Self-tanning lotion is also a common advice but remember, it only covers up cellulite for a few hours.

The long term solution to get rid of cellulite is laser treatment, which has been gaining traction in the medical field. Primarily, diet, exercise and creams are only temporary fixes. Women at any age still complain of having cellulite in spite dieting, exercising and lathering in lotions. Laser treatments involve small incisions and a local anesthetic wherein the underlying cellulite structure is attacked.

Dermatologists have found that the problem of cellulite is the skin’s structural issue wherein lasers dissolves the fat and removes any bulges.

The procedure divides the fibrous bands in order to plump out the skin with instant results. Research has shown that laser treatments are the most effective with effects lasting to more than a year. It is by far the most promising solution on how to eliminate cellulite for good.

I hope this article was informative for you! Please comment below and tell me what has been your experience with cellulite and what you do to get rid of your cellulite.


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