How to Fight Off Cellulite!

Are you looking for ways on how to fight cellulite? Cellulite occurs when the lumpy fat cells that is sitting underneath the skin are pushed against the connective tissues. This makes the skin look uneven and dimpled. This is a kind of skin condition that is more common in females, and it usually develops after puberty. Even though cellulite is not considered as a disease, it can be a cosmetic issue for many people. The condition typically affects the lower part of the body, including the hips, buttocks, thighs and legs. At times, it is also seen in the arms.

Cellulite Removal

Despite the fact that it is not known what exactly causes cellulite, it is believed that certain factors are responsible in the formation of this skin condition. Some of the factors that may cause the development of cellulite are hormones, subcutaneous fat, changes in metabolism, a change in the connective tissues and genetics. While the complete removal of cellulite is not that easy, the following methods can help you in how to fight cellulite.


Regular exercise can help get rid of excess fat in the body, and make the skin tight. Exercising is an excellent way to tone the body tissues and muscles, which eventually helps get your skin tighter and smoother with less visible cellulite. Exercises such as crunches, squats, push-ups and strength training workouts that focus on the legs can be a big help in how to fight cellulite. Moreover, lunges and leg lifts are some of the thigh exercises that can help reduce cellulite.


Massage can be effective in minimizing the visibility of your cellulite. You may apply a cellulite removal cream on the affected region, and then massage that spot using mild pressure in long strokes. It can improve your blood circulation and therefore, remove toxins and other harmful substances in your body. To remove your dead skin cells, exfoliate the affected area by using a soft, dry brush.

Conventional Treatments

Some of the popular treatment solutions on how to fight cellulite are laser treatment, methylxanthines, liposuction and cellulite removal creams. The cellulite removal creams work by making your skin smoother and tighter. The methylxanthines are chemicals that help break down those fats. Aminophylline, theophylline and caffeine are some of the methylxanthines that are found in several cellulite creams. On the other hand, laser skin treatment combines massage and light therapy to lessen the visibility of cellulite. And, liposuction is a surgical procedure in which a narrow tube is inserted into the skin to suck out the excess fat.

In conclusion, you may choose to go for the natural methods or the conventional treatment solutions to get rid of your cellulite. While the choice is completely personal, bear in mind that the natural methods usually take time to get the desired result, but they are safe and give long-lasting effects. The liposuction and laser treatment procedures can be quite costly. If you want some expert advice, you can talk to a dermatologist to know the various benefits and drawbacks regarding how to fight cellulite.

I hope you found this post helpful. Please comment below and tell me what has been your experience with cellulite and what tips and tricks you do to fight it off.


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