How I Hide My Cellulite

I have always envied women who can flaunt their bodies wearing nothing but skimpy bikinis and sexy swimsuits that I have taken great lengths just to hide my cellulite. And it would seem that I am not the only one who feels so insecure about these horrid imperfections on my body. I’m not even sure if I should be thankful to the fact that 85 to 98 percent of all post-pubescent women do have cellulites in their buttocks, the abdominal area, or the lower limbs.

Seeking to Understand

In order for me to make the correct decision on how I can effectively hide my cellulite, I need to understand what is going on underneath my skin. I have found out that cellulite occurs when the fat underneath my skin gets embedded into the surrounding connective tissue fibers producing that dimpled effect. I also learned that cellulite can be caused by genetics and hormonal factors although a few predisposing factors can also increase the likelihood of you getting cellulite. What really rocked me to the core is the knowledge of what high stress levels can do in the development of cellulite.

Hiding my Cellulite

Now that I have a much better understanding of what cellulite really is, I can start on my journey of finding the best way to mask my cellulite from public view. There are a variety of treatments available to hide cellulite and while they may or may not work for you, it is simply a matter of trying which one will give you the best results.

For my case, I tried using a variety of do-it-yourself cellulite masking treatments that included a dermatologist-prescribed cellulite-reducing cream, a cupful of ground coffee, moisturizers, self-tanner spray and lotion, and body oil and scrub. While the results were mixed, it nonetheless gave me the confidence to keep on going.

I vigorously rubbed the cellulite-reducing cream on my cellulite-affected areas.

I chose one that already contains caffeine, vitamin C, and ginkgo biloba for better results. The effects were temporary though as it can only last up to 8 hours.

Next, I tried mixing a cupful of ground coffee with olive oil then left it inside my refrigerator to cool. I then used the compound to vigorously rub on my cellulite for a good 15 minutes then letting it sit for another 30 minutes before rinsing it off. In total, I spent less than an hour doing the treatment alone. I then applied a generous amount of moisturizer on my cellulite then topped it with a self-tanner lotion then sprayed with a self-tanner solution.

I next tried massaging a body scrub onto my cellulite with a back-and-forth motion. After rinsing, I soothed the area with body oil and massaged it in using gentle pressure and in small circular movements.

While my experiments led to some encouraging results, I knew I had to do more. So I performed daily squats in order to tone my upper thighs, strengthening my muscles so that my cellulite will be less noticeable. Furthermore, I found out that gently brushing my cellulite with upward circular motions just before taking a shower and applying moisturizers afterwards greatly improves the outcome.

It has taken me some time to achieve the results I want. Now I simply do not have to hide my cellulite anymore because they are no longer clearly visible.

I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know in the comments your experience with hiding cellulite.

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