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The Unspoken Rules of the Gym: Insider Tips For Newbies

Brace yourself! The “New Year, New You” gym crowds are piling into the fitness centers, many even entering a gym for the first time. The morning & 5 ‘oclock rush hours are full with the inexperienced newcomers, not up to date with the do’s and don’t’s of the gym culture. With so many people working on their fitness-related resolutions, gyms across the country are crowded with people who aren’t aware of the sacred and unspoken rules of the place. What are the obvious, and the not so obvious, rules of the gym so that you won’t stick out if you’re new to working out, and you can blend in like a veteran gym athlete?

Follow the following tips to jump right into the fitness game, and if you would rather workout from the comfort of your own home, then join the JNL Facebook page where Jennifer Nicole Lee will be your own online health and fitness trainer! You’ll have access to countless exercises, nutritional advice, and much more that will help you achieve your fitness goals!


  1. Always you use a towel to clean off machines after you use them. No one likes sweat on a machine.
  2. If you sneeze, please cover up your mouth. Turning your face to the side doesn’t work.
  3. Put back your weights. Please re-rack your weights after you use them. One rule of thumb, if you move it, put it back.
  4. Ask to work into a set if someone is on a machine that you want to use. But even better, wait until they are done.
  5. No loud grunting or weird sounds.
  6. Keep your eyes focused on yourself and your form. Not others. No one likes a wandering eye.
  7. It’s nice to socialize but chatting too much on the training floor can be very distracting. Be aware of those who are focusing on their workouts around you.
  8. Wear clothing that won’t make others feel uncomfortable. This isn’t a Tinder date.
  9. Don’t talk to someone while they are in mid-set. They are focusing on their workout, and if you ask them a question, or talk to them while they are working out, this could lead to injury.
  10. No cell phones on the training floor. If so, only for your music to your headphones
  11. Don’t sing while training. Yes, your music may be very motivational, but no one wants to hear you sing while they are training.
  12. No selfies and or filming, please. There is a time and place for everything.

Plus, The Secret Messages That Headphones Are Sending You:

  • If someone has headphones on, that means “leave me alone”.
  • One headphone off the ear means, yes you can talk to me, but not much.
  • Headphones off means it’s okay to approach me, just not while I’m in a set.

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