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Hey everyone, I’m International fitness celebrity, Super-Coach, and Best-Selling Author Jennifer Nicole Lee! And I’m here to MOTIVATE YOU & HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR FITNESS GOALS! A little bit about me-I wasn’t always in shape and I didn’t have my life together, until I HAD ENOUGH, and I FINALLY decided to TAKE CONTROL OF MY LIFE, & I was able to have MY SUCCESS BREAK-THROUGH! And I am so ready to SHARE MY SECRETS with you!

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I’m dedicated to helping modern-day, multitasking women WHO WANT IT ALL! I created a program specifically for women just like you that just don’t want to lose a little bit of weight or “kind of” get in shape, but want to have SUCCESS IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE! So, I created “The JNL GYM VIP Program”! Where you get to train with me in the privacy & comfort of your own home, right here in my Members-Only-Facebook page group!

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