Getting Motivation with Vitamin C plus the “F Word”

We are going to talk about a very important chapter in the book, “The Mind, Body and Soul Diet” written by yours truly, Jennifer Nicole Lee — this video will give you some mental motivation to take control of your life using the Vitamin C plus the F-Word = Results formula and to help you get out of the passenger seat and into the driver seat of your life.

Have you ever wondered “How do we build up our own inner confidence and faith?” Well this video will help you achieve that. When I talk about Vitamin C we are not talking about the kind you get from an orange or supplements, we are talking about CONFIDENCE.

Remember that your body is the most powerful and useful instrument there is and you can use your body to show your confidence and demand attention. I show you exactly how to achieve that in this video.

When it comes to the F-Word, I want you to use it more than you’ve ever in your life. I’m talking about Faith! Having faith means just knowing it’s there even when you can’t see it and that’s so powerful. Put faith into motion and be willing to work…

Hard work will pay off! Take your vitamin C plus the F-word and create your new lifestyle.

I’ll be uploading videos every week so let me know what you want to see next time. I love connecting and hearing from you.

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