5 Tips that Get you Motivated for the Gym

One of the trickier aspects of working out is finding the right set of workout motivation to keep you going, to sustain you in your efforts to bring about a certain level of physical fitness into your life. Many individuals fail in their fitness routines simply because they just do not have the right motivation to fuel their desires. While some can last up to several years, many cannot keep it up for even a couple of months. Thus, in order to be successful in your work outs, you need to find the correct motivation for you.

But how do you keep yourself sticking to your work out goals? Here are some 5 helpful tips you can do to fuel your workout motivation.

#1 Operationalize your Fitness Goals

It may be wise to operationalize your fitness goals. Use positive affirmations in everything that you do – things that you can associate with your working out in the gym. Create posters or use slogans that inspire you to shape up. When you are constantly reminded of such associations, it becomes a natural part of your system. And anything that comes out naturally will not only be sustainable but it will also be the defining feature of your lifestyle.

#2 Change into your Gym Outfit before Leaving the Office

Switching into your exercise gear even before you leave the office is a visual cue for you to head straight to the gym. Furthermore, your officemates will know that you are going to work out so it sure is going to be awful if you will not. For added measure, leave your things in the office while you hit the gym especially if it is near your office.

 #3 Lower your Workout Goals

It may be counterproductive but one good way to fuel workout motivation is by starting in smaller more measurable steps. For example, it is a lot better to go to the gym and spend 15 minutes of exercise than not going at all. You just need to get things going until you feel the relative ease of accomplishing your goals. From there, you can steadily increase your work out goals.

 #4 Bribe Yourself

Sometimes it may just work to set a reward for yourself if you can accomplish your work out goal for the week or for the month. The main issue will be just how disciplined you are in adhering to your plan.

#5 Get your Work Out Buddy

Working out with a friend can provide the emotional support that you may require as you go through the initial stages of working out. Your buddy can also become your safety net, the one person who will challenge and keep on reminding you about your fitness goals. You can spice things up a little by having your own “I am lazy” jar. Every time one of you don’t feel like hitting the gym will have to place a predetermined amount into the jar, say 5 USD. When it reaches a predetermined amount, say 20 USD, or equivalent to about 4 absences in the gym, that person  will have to buy something for the other using the money in the jar.

There are other things you can do to keep yourself motivated in going to the gym. Whatever it is, having the correct workout motivation will allow you to reap the benefits of becoming doing exercises.

I hope this article helpful! Please comment below and tell me how you get motivated for the gym.

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