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The Best Facebook Group for Fitness, Motivation, Fat Loss for Females Only

By Jennifer Nicole Lee, creator of the Online Fitness Revolution found here.

Hi there, My name is Jennifer Nicole Lee. I lost over 80 lbs over 16 years ago, after the birth of my children which led me to be one of the world’s most sought-after fitness experts. Fast forward to today, I am blessed to be a published author of 15 books, and have graced the cover of 92 magazines, but most importantly have transformed countless lives!

When I started, I didn’t have social media or even a smartphone! So today, my team and I have taken my Online Coaching Program to Facebook! So if you are looking for daily motivation from a fitness expert online, please check out my facebook group!

With 16 years of experience, I’m grateful to be have of the most popular fitness facebook groups online.

Being an expert in the health and fitness industry for well over a decade,  I specialize in female fitness for those over the age of 40. If you are looking for more of a younger demographic, such as Health and Fitness Girl Talk or even younger, such as the early twenties, as in Tone It Up, then my group is not the right fit for you. My workouts are JNL Fusion in style, with High-Intensity Training at its core. This is not FitBit for Weight Loss, as we count much more than just steps. I count endurance, stamina, and intensity. And calling all runnerscyclists and P90X and CF Masters, you are also more than welcome, as my workouts will make you a better athlete in these genres of workouts.

So what are you waiting for? Get on track to reach your fitness goals today, wherever you may be! Join my facebook group today!