Dear JNL #1: Rid of Stretch Marks & Cellulite

This is my first ever video of my new series ‘Dear JNL.’ I get TONS of questions everyday on my social media, emails and on my members area site. Creating these videos just makes it so much fun and easier to respond back to you all at once!

In this video

I answer your questions and discuss options to get rid of stretch marks with some of the methods I’ve tried and test myself. Although it’s been very difficult to remove stretch marks for me, some of these techniques over the years have really helped me diminish the appear if not completely heal them!

If you are looking into laser removal, please quote around with multiple doctors and do your research to see if laser removal is right for you! Not everyone needs you may be able to treat your situation at home with home remedies for stretch marks.

I also talk about the marks pregnancy will leave. There are several proactive marks remedies that could help with you this. HYDRATION! HYDRATION HYDRATION! Ladies, I cannot stress this enough. Your skin is your biggest organ and you body in mainly made of up water. When you don’t continue to fuel your body with hydration your body takes the toll and leaves instances of stretch marks.

Cellulitis or better known as cellulite. How to you get cellulite and what are the best cellulite treatments out there? If you have the budget to go to a session of endermologie, I would highly recommend it. If not, there are many cellulite treatments I discuss here in this video.

I’ll be doing these videos every week so keep them coming! I love connecting and hearing back from you.


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