Best Way to Get Rid Of C-Section Tummy

C-section tummy or post baby belly can be hard to get rid of. Women who have cesarean sections to give birth struggle with a flabby abdomen accompanied by surgical scars. Also known as “pregnancy pouch”, it may take months to recover or be gone entirely. This is because a cesarean section cuts through the stomach muscles leaving your abdomen scarred and darkened. It also makes the stomach inflated like you are still six months pregnant. Healing from your C-section may seem impossible. But fear not, no matter what the naysayers say you can say goodbye to your c section tummy in six to eight weeks.

The best way is to begin with an exercise and diet regimen including some other tips, we’ve listed below. But before you set out to flatten your abdomen area, make sure to consult the doctor first. Your body needs time to recover from the operation and you might unnecessarily tear up your wounds. You could end up damaging your abdominal muscles. When your doctor has given the go signal, here are steps you can follow to reduce your c-section tummy.

1. Breastfeed

Studies show that breastfeeding helps reduce the size of your uterus. It is also a natural way of burning extra calories while shrinking your abdomen. Babies also benefit as breast milk meets their nutritional needs.

2. Water

Drink lots of water to decrease abdominal bloating. This helps remove the toxins including sodium, which causes a flabby belly. Drink at least seventy five ounces of water per day or two liters of water. The amount of water will also trick your stomach to feeling full, which is a secret diet tip. In the end, you will also eat less.

3. Start a low-fat high-nutrient diet

Decreasing your calorie intake is important in order to reduce overall body fat wherein most of it is stored in your abdominal area. It is recommended that you consume 1,500 to 2,000 calories a day. It is important to know that there are foods that burn belly fat. Examples are berries, beans and legumes, protein powder, oatmeal, olive oil, eggs, green vegetables, whole grains, peanut butter, yogurt, almonds and other kinds of nuts. These foods help reduce your c-section tummy because of its fiber and protein content. It supports digestion with its high metabolism properties.

4. Abdominal exercises

Sit ups or pull ups is a quick way to target your abdominal muscles. Leg exercises also do the trick by working your core area. Yoga and Pilates also help strengthen the abdomen especially since this can be tailored to target your stomach fat. Running and brisk walking is also a great way to exercise. It is recommended that you do these exercises at least three to five times a week for one hour or more.

If you follow these steps, you will see a visible difference. It’s not that easy but definitely a less drastic option compared to a tummy tuck. In less than two months, you can finally say good riddance to your c section tummy.

I hope this article was informative for you! Please comment below and tell me what has been your experience having a C-Section tummy and what you did to kiss it goodbye.


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