7 Cute Gym Outfits

Getting yourself motivated to work out in the gym may require you to wear cute gym outfits to boost your confidence and, more importantly, make you feel more comfortable working out. While putting on your everyday tees and trainers or running shorts might be considered the norm, you simply do not have to stick to what other people are doing. Just like your motivation to getting fit and physically strong, it is your choice whether to work out using ordinary looking gym wear or something that best represents who you are.

No. 1 – Quaint Pilates and Yoga Outfit

While yoga and Pilates are generally low impact exercises, it does not necessary mean that you cannot wear cute gym outfits. Create interesting combinations with a sports bra that matches well with a yoga jacket underneath a Chaturanga tight. Make sure to use a studio wrap-system shoe to complete your stylish outfit for Pilates or yoga.

No. 2 – Endurance Running Outfit

A snazzy and breezy outfit should do the trick when you require speed and endurance in your running exercises. You can try on a half-zip running shirt or a high-neck tank top with beautifully patterned long running tights complete with running sneakers and fitness socks. You might as well go directly to lunch with your girlfriends afterwards.

No. 3 – Speedster Cyclist Outfit

Going for a spin even on gym cycles need not prevent you from setting certain styles that are sure to make an impression as you pedal your way towards Tour de France-esque speeds. Try on a cycle cardigan with a fishnet cut-off cycling shorts and a super soft and very graphic tees. Don’t forget to adorn your feet with appropriate cycling shoes.

No. 4 – Ass-Kicking Boxer Outfit

Enjoy kickboxing? You will definitely enjoy it more when you wear a sports bra coupled with standard running tights, a hoodie, and a pair of training sneakers. Wrap it all up in gold jacket for that cute gym outfits feel.

No. 5 – Dancing Diva Outfit

Practicing your dance moves on the floor or just simply sweating it out will simply be more motivating when you try wearing a stylish sweatshirt on top a body-hugging tank matched by printed leggings. Wear your dance shoes and you will surely be hugging the gyms’ limelight.

No. 6 – Power Lifting Outfit

For the power lifter, power dressing comes in very handy especially when you do those very intense interval exercises or work outs. Try wearing a long sleeved shirt over a sports bra and complemented by compression shorts and a pair of nice-looking sneakers. Strap on your watch and you are good to go.

No. 7 – Flaunt the Swimmer Outfit

While you may not necessarily be swimming in the gym, but it would definitely be cool to see you sporting a swimsuit covered with a fleece hoodie and training shorts.

While choosing the best gym outfit for you is more a matter of personal taste, matching colors and patterns to what you are going to do in the gym is very important. You may be sweating a lot in the gym but when you wear your cute gym outfits you will simply be more motivated to keep pushing yourself harder.

I hope you liked this article! Please comment below what kinds of outfits you like to workout with.


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